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initial contact

Clients typically reach out either via my contact form, or through their wedding planner. I love hearing more about you and am happy to send along a quote, and full galleries for review.



I am always available for a Video or phone chat to help answer any questions you may have, and hear more about what you're planning! This is where we can get to know each other outside of our inboxes.



You've decided, and you're ready to make it official! We cheer, or toast, or perhaps send a few aggressively enthusiastic emojis. Then, to reserve your date on the calendar, a digital contract and online invoice are sent and completed. It's as easy as that!



I send out a detailed questionare and then work with the person responsible for your wedding planning to create a custom photography schedule based on your unique needs and requests and the logistics of your day. I love to check-in to see how you're feeling and listen to your thoughts surrounding the weekend! 



I am there every step of the way with my full Gaby Rguez creative team to ensure the day is documented with a focus on both human connection and aesthetics so that you can feel at ease and in your element. Our presence will be felt like a lingering graze; never obtrusive, always supportive



Within 8-10 weeks of the wedding date, I deliver the (incredible!) fully-edited gallery to you to share, download, and remember one of the best experiences of your life. All photos are yours to reprint and share until your heart's content.



Receiving your photographs may feel like the final bookend on this integral life experience of getting married, but they also serve a role long after the wedding day is over. These images serve as reminders when your memories fade of the beauty of your youth, the significance of a life-time commitment, and the total joy of being surrounded by your most special people.

Let me tell your love story.

All of it

In a world of clickable and compelling instagram feeds showing only the highlights, and the mirage of styled wedding shoots, I know it must be hard to filter through the noise of it all as a client. What's REAL? With years in the business, clientele and events that stretch from influencer filler partys - to intimate, soulful private elopements on beach sides, I've discovered reality is beautiful no matter the overall expense. I'm humbled to be doing this work day in and day out. My team and I work hard to feature and serve real people, real weddings and real moments in the framework of a purposeful editorial approach.

No matter what the day holds, my experience has prepared me to handle it in stride. I strive to create imagery with a vibrant spirit all its own, and a timeless beauty to last generations. I've found that often my clients are effervescent in their approach to life and discerning in their eye for photography; they recognize a distinction in my images when they see it, and for that I'm grateful. 

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