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Use Our Associate Photographers for your Wedding Day

Everything you need to know if you’re going to hire an associate wedding photographer through a photography company that you love.

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An associate photographer is a hired photographer of the same level of experience as the owner + main photographer (that’s me, Gaby) that is utilized for multiple weddings per day in a company or to cover in case of emergencies. They work under the company in which they are hired which means they have the same professional equipment, knowledge, and skill to photograph the day of the wedding but following closely to the procedures and approach so you can still have the Gaby Rguez Photography experience from initial consultation through the delivery of your portraits. Associate photographers have worked with us on prior weddings so they understand our approach and specific style well in addition to going through a rigorous application working with us prior to any wedding. They are given extensive notes in advance so they are fully prepared on your wedding day. In addition to overall skill-set, the personality of the associate photographer is a huge factor into pairing them to a couple for their wedding day.

Why Use an Associate Photographer?

Some wedding dates are extremely sought after, especially during the height of the season from May to October. A lot of photographers utilize this as a great option for couples that love their work, set-up, and other options offered when we can’t be in two places at once. This is also common to have in place for any unexpected emergencies that happen so no couple is left without a skilled photography team on their wedding day.

What is gaby rguez photography's Role and the Benefits?

- You receive the same style of photography that you see on our website and social media.
- Gaby is taking care of all the editing so the final look is consistent.
- All planning, email + phone correspondence, problem solving, and online management software is with Gaby to keep things organized and on schedule throughout your engagement.
- All of your fully edited photos are delivered through an upgraded online gallery.
- There is usually an extra incentive for booking, so if the coverage you were hoping for was slightly out of budget, this may be a great option to get you in the range you are more comfortable spending for your wedding photography experience.

Sea Spray


• 2 hours coverage
•  200 Digital images
• Online gallery

Sea Breeze


• 6 hours coverage
• 2 photographers
• 600 Digital Images
• Online Gallery

Sea Side


• 4 hours coverage
• 400 Digital Images
• Online Gallery

Associates Collections


a la carte

• Fine art album - starting at $700
• Additional photographer add-on - $800
• Videography - Starting at $3450
• Drone photos - $450
• Wedding Magazine - $450 
• Wedding Day Content Creator 
 • Additional hour - $700
• 1 hour Engagement session - $600
• Additional USB with luxury box - $400 
• 50 Polaroids delivered at the end of the night - $150
• Retouched imaging price (per photo) - $35  
• Raw Image Delivery - $1000

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Contact me to see if your date is available!

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Are you ready to book?